This is how Friday might look like ….

Friday … for most of us it`s a beginning of weekend and rest.

I love to celebrate every piece of my life.

And Friday is one of these pieces. So how it might look like ?

Don`t miss your breakfast !!! Maybe in your bed …

breakfast-in-bed or may be you prefer to eat outdoor ??? Maybe at Tiffanies?  😉

breakfast-at-tiffanyswhatever, after one, two hours you can think about some snack …



and of course something  to drink … (remember it is Friday, when if not today?)


Yes! hot chocolate it`s a great idea 🙂 and the best if shared with a friend

10556283_10203565713896289_8599151371619091583_nor friends ….


So smile even if you see this post on Monday 🙂

No matter what day is today, spend it best you can and do something for other!


and I recomend „Pomoc na czasie” see on Facebook


Fundacja Bread of Life
ul. Śródmiejska 24a
62-800 Kalisz
Telefon: 536-232-825


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